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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

HuaHui, Ustad H. Sayeeduddin DAGAR Râg Bhopali, The Experiment, role play, performance

4 cubes today.

Listened to a concert on Youtube Indian chants - Ustad H. Sayeeduddin DAGAR Râg Bhopali - it takes 20mn of slow soft chanting and gradually it builds up to a "pea bursting" speed. Registered in France at a chateaux. Whole performance was approx 36mn.

Watched a talk by the Prof who did the Stanford Prison Experiment. He had a "fu man chu type of mustache". ( Who prefer moustache of this style? ) I saw the movie based on the real life experiment. How can you account for such an experiment? Even the conception of the "realistic" details, like the phony arrests... all this is so cruel. How can you not think that this is not "just an experiment" right from the start? Would it have been possible to test what he wanted without going through all this?

Another talk was rather humourous by somebody who did "pain" investigation, but he did it starting from his own skin burnt experience. This seem to be more responsible and more admirable as a research - because he used himself first and not take risks at other peoples expenses.

I think its not right to experiment using others when it involves unknown scales of sufferings - even if they give consent as in the case of the Stanford students - but the second guy gave electro shock to his samples... hmmm. Anyway the conclusion is, if anonymity prevails people can and do become a lot more cruel without any moral consideration. They had thought maybe only 1% of the people would be cruel - behave like Hitler - but it turns out to be 90%, if the action has no consequences to themselves when their name is undisclosed.

I was looking at "role play" - would people perform to a role specification? How much would they do to build up to the role playing?

The film I saw was a BBC documentary collaboration between Exeter University and BBC, "The Experiment" docu is not the Stanford experiment. This time, the prison and guards were also recrutied and tested psychologically, while the film was going on, (film=experiment) there was a team of doctors and professors making sure that no psychological harm comes to the participants. The experiment also ended earlier than planned.

I checked, the film I saw was not the BBC docu, it was Das Experiment a 2001 German film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. Also terrible to watch.

Surprise! Not only the Americans made the original experiment, the Germans made a movie, and the BBC did a documentary-reality tv with University research backing; another remake is starting in July 09, tomorrow!! remake of the Das Experiment! Why is this subject so good to re-do over and over again?

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