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Monday, 29 June 2009

HuaHui coming up, underlying structure.

more air when the cubes are intercut w a void

BD Haiku said, this is a forteress, here the captain and the horsewoman, they do what they like here. I said, which of the two is a man and which is a woman. He said both are women, but women can do whatever they like.

I said, these cubes look so hard, and rough and like mediaeval armours... but I think it could look soft later, depends on how the whole is attached together. Which is the binding system that I will use?

I want to make a tensegrity structure, like soft without any hard structures inside. I think there is a way. Its the underlying puzzle, the mainframe that I want to solve now.

I often want to get the little pieces together first and then decide what is the best unifying element? What are these little pieces all about?

We say once the big structure is determined, you really cant change much. But on the other hand what about little pieces, if you have all these little pieces, can you make of them anyway you want? I just want to be surprised by myself.

Often, when you finally got it all together, you are so happy, you are so surprised that it all fit together... that is the difference between architecture and sculpture for me. I keep on wanting to change things all the time. In architecture you cant afford to do that. Your boss will kill you.

The boss = the guy who controls the purse string.

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