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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

sl Eva Szuyuan (rl Birgit Lichtenegger), Contrechoc, cross lab, V_2, friend or foe? "Hacking"

I thought machinima is very hard to watch beyond 3mn, but ContreChoc from Cross lab, has presented me a media artists work: sl Evo Szuyuan (rl Birgit Lichtenegger), very good! She even made a full feature film! with a budget, voice actors and all. Impressive. Watch here a sample:

Happy to found this today! What would we do without internet, email, youtube? and of course Secondlife, and real life! :)

V_2, "hacking Ikea"... good ecological, creativity sense for todays just-in-time design, actually, this is not new at all, people have been "hacking" since as far as time has begun due to necessity, i think.

But "hacking" sounds so smart, so cool, whereas, "making do" sounds so sad, so unpresentable.

You can tell if the other is friend or foe by the way they use their words.

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