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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Money Graveyard, Eifachfilm Vacirca

Odyssey Art and Performance Sim

Here are reproductions of real life art - for example Beuys installations - but what is the meaning of installing someone elses work in sl? It must be interesting for some visitors I guess.

My interest is to see an idea come true - in sl - in rl... On the other hand, regarding Beuys idea, his installation is fine enough to express in sl, if it didnt already exist in rl, I think there is no need to do it in rl, I would say - so much waste of good trees. :)

Here below is a money graveyard. Imaginary Money Graveyard by,
Eifachfilm Vacirca.

Money bills are soft, cant stand upright like this in sl, and if its reproduced in rigid panels in rl, it is not the same. This is an idea perfect for an sl installation. Graphically and conceptually it works.

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