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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Jumping links, 6 degrees of separation, HomeShop, bought a Stone Tree Castle

Bought a Stone Tree Castle, for playing the guqin in sl, I had made an atelier, a transformation of an existing freebie house. Took a lot of time.
Now I found this Stone Tree Castle, its also based on a freebie Lighthouse - but I have no time to do major renovation. So for now, I just bought one ready made to do some interior work for now. Until further notice. I would like to have scripts to make the vine curtains grow though, maybe change colors too. :)

How do we go from one point to another, what are the links, like jumping-Chinese checkers game? How many steps do you need to get from point A to point B? And if you didnt decide ahead of time where point B is? There is a theory that nobody is separated from anybody else by 6 steps: 6 degrees of separation.

How did I find an interesting person? Starting from an interesting picture.
1/ I saw this profile pic, cute old person => click, here it is He YingYa - HomeShop
This picture is so cute, old people in Beijing. A lot of old Chinese people are so adorable.
2/ He YingYa wrote to me => because of Secondlife, Digital Guqin
3/ Found => Elaine Ho linked to HomeShop - Artist Elaine Ho, HomeShop work in Beijing.
What next?
4/ Mr.Tong of Tang Fu
5/ Cinema expert from Vienna

Secret Target: Who ends up here?

6/ Russian businessman
7/ XiaoDong exhibition
8/ Eva, former student; now assistant of Jia ZhengKe
Surprise, surprise!!
12/Secret Target: Who ends up here?

1 comment:

hyy + ewh = me said...

so the final (or...?) link... hmm, let's play... i don't turn on my VPN all the time (as blogspot blogs are blocked in China), but now yes, linking through you, finding virtual understandings...

oh, but to link it all back -- "cute old person" is my grandmother! not in beijing, as would have imagined... she lives in the U.S. and she is the best! *^ ^*