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Monday, 8 June 2009

What does "live" mean in sl? Favorite house of the day, Tea & Strychnine, Fairy House

What does "live" mean in sl?
A friend asked me if I will "live" at his SIM. He is setting up this huge island. "Live"? What does "live" mean?
My friend Saitot explained to me, this means, you put your favorite things, things you like at his SIM, and you spend most of your time there when you are in sl.

Good definition.

Does it apply in real life too?
Maybe, good definition.

I visited this BigBoss's home, someone who has a motto "The clever Rabbit has three Lairs". In one of his lairs, its quite large, like a small guggenheim museum, but i see nothing personal inside; all flash and no warmth. All of us, visitors, we nodded, yes very beautiful! Does he "live" there? Who knows?

Some peoples homes are made to look like a tiny Versaille too... is that "living", mabye, we dont know. Only the people living inside knows.

I only know that I like this Tea & Strychnine place.
Its a pleasure to see a high quality sim.

If we know our goals, then we could design accordingly.

I like this view out and beyond with telescope and non obstruction views. Its a tower, with sewing machine, mannequin, tea room, everything I like, with clean air. I visited the designers other places all very pleasant and Eastern European flair.

vine curtain is short and it grows longer...

see the vines are growing, it gets longer

Fairy house at Misteria Loons place

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