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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Facebook and sl, Guqin,

Swann has to look hard to find guqin people to come into sl.
She has to look hard to find guqin people.
So, she went to FaceBook, and surprise! Almost everybody is there! They are in Facebook!

What is facebook? And how is facebook as a people network different from sl?
Taka from sl has defected to facebook a few months ago, he puts up beaufitul flower photos. :)

Interesting discussions, links, rl contacts, Facebook is like a text and image rl telephone, whereas sl is telephone plus 3D visual stimulus minus graphic text and image, plus theatrical play. sl could role playing with much imagination!

Take for example:
A friend from sl asked me to see him in his new nude self. He also wants to test some animation balls to see if they work! Could I please test it with him?

In Facebook, I think this kind of immersive imagination play does not come about so naturally.

But the Facebook network interchanges is not in real time, its message pause, message pause. Unless you are chatting - there is a time delay function. Its not pressing, so you have no urgency to answer immediately, no need to hang around to see whats happening next? In sl, it is as if you are living a parallel real life.

Many people are on both.
Their uses are different.

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