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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Snub Truncated Icosahedron, Double-Snubbed Truncated Icosahedron : HuaHui BallBall

Snub Truncated Icosahedron : HuaHui BallBall walk-in sculpture, 3 meter diameter

I see in almost all the pictures of a "Snub Truncated Icosahedron", it is basically a football with the pentagons and hexagons shapes separated by rows of triangles.

Here the BallBall is separated by rows of cubes.

What would be a proper mathematical name for the BallBall?

Would "Snub Truncated Icosahedron" be correct? Separated by cubes and not triangles, actually a cube is composed of two triangles!

Therefore, if "snub" means single row of triangles, then "double triangles=cube" would be a "Double-Snubbed Truncated Icosahedron = HuaHui BallBall"!

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