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Friday, 24 June 2011

FabLab day

Red Fruit Breakfast Table
FabLab Fun: Adruino gadget for writing words w led light.


Went to FabLab conference today, I finally found a group of people...

The founder: MIT professor was up close with his talk about the FabLab, how to start one, how much it would cost for a complete full fledge one - approx. 60,000us$. At our own small work group the cost of the lowest My Own FabLab cost 3000euros! Thats very good, not much!

They admire the Chinese knockoff machines for 3D printing, and 3D scanners! Thats what he recommends! Those Chinese, hmm, pretty good machines!! He said.

To make 3D scanners, you could also adapt from a microsoft Kinect, for 150euros!!

Met many people really nice day today!
I am so glad to have come to the conference!!

What I really want is -
1// a 3D scanner of real life object
2// a software for exporting secondlife objects in .stl file so it could be printed, manufactured in real life, physical object.

The first could be had with Kinect
The second will need investigations - maybe someone has already made such a software!

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