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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

L'AMOUR A SES RAISONS ***, The Prodigies **half, UNE SEPARATION***half,

The first half has pretty women and some funny parts, charming. The second part with Robert de Niro and Monica Bellucchi is much more interesting. Mainly Monica Bellucchi is so sexy and charnel and very very yummy and nice. De Niro is not convincing as a professor, he seem too stressed out w too many lines on his face to play this character. Hes more like neurotic retired cop - nothing "professorial" about him, no intellectual vibes coming. But still the two somehow makes it quite watchable.

The Prodigies **half
Animation, 3D, the characters look like clay dough modeling, simulated real movie. Somehow, yes, its a great deal of work, lots of effort. Story is v trite and not convincing. Thin. Good try.

story v well planned, everything works. Everybody has difficulties, random acts, errors, human emotional explosions leading to tragedy. Religion, reality. Very gentle and handsome men and women all bind in a strife situation.

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