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Friday, 24 June 2011

Le Chat du Rabbin, the film 2D ***, Omar m'a tuer***, Blue Valentine***half

Le Chat du Rabbin, the film 2D ***
cartoon film

Very very nice, we see lots of Jewish humour, race, religious difference, and the talking cat is sooooo soooo smart and love lorn in an adorable silly ass way. All the characters are lovable, there is no character thats shallow and not deserving of our sympathy. The prince in the desert orders people to cut others heads off, lots of blood shed. And he says, no you shall not leave right away. We will finish desert, have coffee and you could leave tomorrow morning at ease. (This means, nothing of consequences has happened. The prince is princely!!) The girl talks like a young girl, she cajoles her father, mon petit papa... very cute and lovelly. The Russian artist in love with his black girl, very human, warm. She gets up naked - as in nature, nothing lewd in her natural self. All fits so well, the story is intelligent; the scenario, background drawing all correct and beautiful! None of the artificial sweetness we find in Disney (even though I often like it a lot too; nor the sweetness of childrens books in French luxury albums - these I often like very much too!) In this cartoon film, there is blood shed, broken dreams, daring, diplomatic negotiations in religious conversations... human and reality. Its life. It has something like "Fiddler on the Roof" in it.

And lastly the song: a man sings, oh, I hope my mistress never gets married, never have any children... refrain, same thing, several times. Its the cat singing, his love lorn hope for his mistress, that she belongs to him and him forever!

Omar m'a tuer***
drama after real life story

Very well researched and filmed w a v gd actor and actors. Its a political move too because it is to raise awareness of injustice that should be rectified. Its a positive attempt to help reverse an unjust decision based on a rigid judicial system. Why did they refuse to verify the DNA match test? On what ground could the court refuse?

Blue Valentine***half
romantic drama

Very nice, many natural details everybody very gd. A joy to watch. I didnt think it was a good movie from the title, but it is, it definitely has something new in this movie. People are not flat cardboard figures, everything has a reason, a before and an after. Why people cannot stand certain traits in others, how one thing which was good and light hearted becomes a heavy burden : when a man who is always innocent, child like at the beginning is charming and lightens the girls life becomes a dead weight because he never grows up and life moves on. She has had enough, up to her ears with "child like" man. She needs a man, not a child. This theme repeats itself many times. His innocence protected her, nurtured her at the beginning but now, she is a mother, she has had it. Life changes. Could he get better? We dont know, but in the shadow he goes away. In an Asian movie, the woman would be able to stand this easily, so the man is a child at heart and whats so bad about that? As long as he is loyal to her and the family and loves her always - except maybe his job, social position is too low for her. But she didnt seem to mind that from the beginning... its rather strange why she cant stand him in such a violent way. Maybe in the movie it did not show his low self image - it was hinted by the argument in the car when she crossed her ex-bf (who was also the father of her child most likely). It is only hinted. She is very lovable, he is less so but still lovable. A very gd singer with his own style. Every detail is authentic and set, the secondary characters are all very good. The doctor - even as doctor traditionally is always portrayed as "unblemished" respectable guys especially in an office setting - but here, he too is trying to use her without investing any emotions on his part. If he had courted her, he would have been successful. But we dont know much about him. From the movie, he seem to take her as a "commodity" for company purpose which is no fun for her. The source of her sadness. If the man is accomplished in his profession, he is not innocent. He only spends time for distraction. The one who is in touch w his true self, emotionally and at ease w himself (when not compared to another guy) could amuse his companion but in the end once he comes in contact w others, he becomes weak. Weak in character, shown when he makes a scene at her work, when hes drunk already in the morning. The conversation goes cross intention, cross purposed, then we know, they are not going to make it through - not much longer... end is near.

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