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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Brighton Rocks ***, Blitz **

Brighton Rocks ***half,
gangster, intrique

Very beautiful movie, w many layers of human issues. Gangsters are not all bad, they just try to do their job. The naive one, the thug, the loser hooligans, the tea house respectable lady who shows that she has seen everything and know what men like; the big boss, the handsome thug who is could hearted, the naive girl and bleak life ahead, the drunken father, negotiations of marrying a minor, sordid stories, ways to murder people. Helen Mirren is always interesting, in this movie she changed costumes many times and in some scenes, like a very sheer white blouse - with provocative black bra showing through - sweeping up glass bits on the floor of her tea room/fancy restaurant after a riot. Red red lipstick, in a fancy hotel. At the beginning of the movie, I thought she played the role of a madame! :) But no, just a business woman who has seen a lot of things.

Blitz **
cops, drug addict cops, glamourous black model like drug addict cop, violent cops, white trash thug murdering cops...
end of story

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