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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gianni and his women**half, Pourquoi tu pleures?**half, Beginners **half, L'affaire Rachel Singer***

Gianni and his women**half,
A cordon bleu soft kind hearted retired men, trying to re-start his motor by being attractive to women and sort of half fails, and half succeeds, dragged by his mother to her mansion to turn on /off adjust tv; in the end the mother sells the house to a friend on "viager" - he gets nothing. She buys 150euro champagne and leaves half open in the fridge etc. Very beautiful italian decors, ordinary home, fancy home. All beautiful with a sense of style of 70s, 80s, 90s everything works well together.

Pourquoi tu pleures?**half
A young man about to get marry in 4 days, he horses around w a girl (seems to be a student in medicine?) and the bride never shows her face (she has a cats face!) and all the various members of family, a new apartment full of leaky pipes, and the bride to be makes love on the spurge of the moment rolling in this 4 inches of water w the groom to be. He mulls over, and runs to the girl friends house, makes love. And he cries; she ask why are you crying? He said, because he will be getting marry soon? yes? with whom? do you know this woman? yes. do you love her? yes. When i think of this, i think, why it isnt you that I will be marry to? it could be you. She pushes him away and said, what the hell are you doing here! He cries. etc etc. I dont know why such messiness exists. But all along the film this flousy head man i see someone in the style of this man in real life. Dont know why anyone would get into a story w someone like this? Anyway, this is romantic french young men? I dont understand their logic neither in the head nor in the heart. Thank you no thank you.

Beginners **half
The director wants to tell the story of a gay man married to a hetero woman - his parents - for 50 years and then decided to come out. At age 76 he puts an announcement that he wants to be hooked up. Very strange, because the profession of this man is art museum director - his position needs no advertisement to look for a partner does he? Anyway, there are many unsmooth points in the story. But the director insists insists on the points - gay, gay uncertainties, woman trying to fix gay, multi partner multi boyfriend gays, always possibility to have a partner - the ex-bf of the father hits on the son who is evidently gay but is in love w a troubled airy, pretty, cool, actress. For some reason the couple doesnt work due to uncertainty of the man (narrator) because he is in his heart gay. etc etc Goes on and on. No end in sight.

L'affaire Rachel Singer***
Quick paced spy flick, very gd actor actresses. Clean quick, snappy, efficient.

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