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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

London Boulevard **half, Kung Fu Panda2 ***, Limitless ***

London Boulevard **half

very stylish movie, story is forced. Not logical in many details.
A mix between "Blow up" and "Clock Work Orange". Very beautiful camera work.

Kung Fu Panda ***

I was looking forward to this flick, but the story is a let down. However it is still a very entertaining Chinese content animation.

Limitless ***

Interesting plot, also parts are not logical. Especially the ending, so easily? You could get this super drug and get a super antidote for 2million dollars? I am impressed by the actor though. He looked thoroughly like a moneyless writer at the beginning, and little by little became very glossy and handsome. He was handsome and lovelly at the beginning and handsome and mannequin slick at the end. Just makes me think, yes, in some cases, clothing really makes a big difference.

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