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Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow globe, work and play in sl, degree of control in the Virtual World

In Secondlife if its not a work place, then what you see are "play" things; and that's somebodie's dream we are visiting. Including locking devices and all.

Here is a v pretty snow globe - you can choose to be "locked" here.

I have seen other purely depriving freedom type of locking devices, like a golden cage, a simple animal cage, a blade runner like giant size test tube, all set up to be avatar size for people to feel locked up.

This snow globe is a little like a tableau, the avatar as a treasured display and not "locked up" and deprived of freedom. A script gives a choice to be locked up and a menu offers duration and unlocking.

The avatars I met all have very intricate and fancy well made costumes.

The design of the set, the scenario are also very well made with interesting inventive choices for the players.

Degree of Control in the Virtual World

One of the players said they use an Emerald viewer instead of sl viewer, because using this viewer you could let another avatar take control of your tabs. So they could be the one who decide what your avatar can or cannot do. This is a viewer that gives control of your avatar to another avatar; a collaborative play thats one step further than an independant theatrical make believe game.

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