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Friday, 18 December 2009

Immersive learning experiences, Judy Brody's Life Drawing classes in sl, sharing in a Virtual World, Digital Hollywood Graduate School

Collecting books for the DGM library, I found a copy of "Big Book of Clothing version 2" somewhere a long time ago (dont remember where!) which is already 5 years old by Judy Brody.

Googled the author more, and she has life drawing classes in Secondlife! Now thats interesting, how did that experiment work?
People draw offline and share the results in secondlife - inworld.

There is a sharing value in Virtual World lessons which is a precious quality in real life learning situations not possible in at home self learning sessions. Apparently a lot of at home courses now has conference sessions through chat, sloodle, moodle etc. online Whiteboards. All these tools are for expediency purpose, are they better than real life old fashion sitting together?

We could always learn almost everything by ourselves, but the sharing part is only possible if you do "share" a common visual and textual language.

The same goes for language lessons and any other immersive world experience.
If you were all by yourself, you are in your singular one person world, once you share a common context, you have exchangable language for transmission based on common raw data.

Life drawing classes in secondlife! This entry dates from 2005. We are entering 2010 soon. How did that experiment go?
I am amazed, but it does work with the tools and system that the teacher sets up. :)

What else could we teach through the Virtual World platform?
The advantage is, no limits to geographical location and time zones.
If you wished you could.

The teaching that I am talking about is teaching and learning as a game, as in playing.

These could be Role Playing, Creativity Play, and StoryTelling Play.

In real life, you might not come across "the right ones" for whatever games you wish to play; this is also true in a Virtual World. But, people who enter the Virtual World share something in common - the curiosity or necessity to enter a Virtual World - and thats already one level of "screening" done.

Secondly, "the right ones" that you have chosen in Secondlife usually works best in the Virtual World, once exported into the Real World - once again, it might not work.
Contextually each "perfect fit" is not independant.

Human relations come with all the layers of references and co-ordinates without which nothing can exist with any degree of richness, not in real life and not in Virtual World Secondlife.

Digital Hollywood Campus in sl- its a real life Digital Hollywood Graduate School in Tokyo! Owner In Yan

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