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Friday, 11 December 2009

burbtv, Neville Mars, Confucius Institute, and Children Guqin Players, 动态密度, HuaHui Mobile Music cube number

burbtv : this is an interesting nodal concept of connecting information and people focused on the City as theme owned by Neville Mars. So I found a "Node" - 动态密度 - where I was able to upload some entries on HuaHui Mobile Music - the Digital Guqin Museum mobile prototype. I want to let more people know about this, its not about "collecting beer cans", its about a moving architectural/sculptural landmark where each cube houses a url - like a tiny abstract home of the person who made the cube.

Anybody could visit the url - all they have to do is to take a picture of the 2D tag and it links them to the url.

This HuaHui Mobile Music exists in the Virtual World and the Real World.

If you want an abstract home in the HuaHui Mobile Music, send me three beer cans (empty) of your choice! And your url, its free!

Leave a message below to get a HuaHui cube number.

Your home will be next to someone from another country, from far away and you could be neighbours!

Confucius Institute

I found the child guqin player clips were added by Confucius Institute. :)

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