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Friday, 11 December 2009

Dreams of Shanghai in that Other Place

Have you ever had dreams where you visit entire cities with stories and architecture and then come back to the same scene after a few weeks or months or years as if you had just continued the story somehow without interruption. As if thats really another real place? But while I was in this secondary world (while in real life sleeping) I know that i have been there and when i wake i know its only in that other place. Initially, when i first had these continuous dreams, upon awaking i could be not sure of if the things that happened in the dream really happened - the lines of the two worlds are blurred.

But today, I had this dream and for the first time; i knew when i was in the dream that its that place and when I awake i know also i am in the real life place. Its the first time that I am totally clear and non muddled about the dividing line - since at least 10-15 years that i began having this continuous other place dreams.

Dreams of Shanghai
I woke up at 4h30 this morning, but having had very gd sleep.

And very interesting dreams... I keep on going back to a place that only exists in my dreams - the setting has been there for the last 10 yrs at least and sometimes I go there. Isnt this strange? It was scenes of Shanghai - I took the bus w houses thats like corbu era from the 30s, street is not ultra clean nor chic but v happy to take the bus there. Met P there too, I showed her these little enclaves of houses from the 30s and said, this was in the news paper you know it used to be very exclusive businessmen hotel but too exclusive it went bankrupted without much ever gone on. Now all the cooks are still here but no client. (the cook was sleeping on these expensive sofas as we walk through into the dining hall - there was however brkfst each table had the best puff cereal bread etc etc. I was definitely travelling - in my present day self - also something to do w caca - somehow my clothes are tinted w caca and i tried to wash it...

strange dream but a happy dream - I wrote down the details by hand in my little black book.

I woke up reheated the fresh soymilk i made yesterday (taste better w each reheating as the milk gets more and more carmelly)
then i looked in the fridge no more bonne maman jam
so i checked through the C specials - found a couple i decided to try the "strawberries from bj- the name of their homestead
and what a surprise, this is really the difference between heaven and earth compared to bonne maman.
C had whole wild strawberries and the taste! so marvellous!
well, glad i tried something new!
Usually i consider C jam for Swannjiejie, I dont like to deprive people of special foods... hahahahah
but she asked me last week if i still have enough jam etc and gave me a brioche to take home; said that way i will eat more bread.
because I said i am too lazy to go all the way to monoprix to get my favorite Poilane - which could keep days and as it dries it tastes different but always good; The other baquettes, if you dont finish within the day, it dries and you have throw it away and I hate to throw away bread especially when I had to go line up at the boulangerie to get it!!!

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