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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

QiQ #1 , QiQ balbal sofa

QiQ balbal sofa

QiQ is a new family sent to work on Science Sim as there is no limit of prims.
Here we have a QiQ #1 sitting on a new sofa.

The sofa is a sculptie with transparent texture.
Due to the unexpected distorsions rendered by the sculpties we often get very beautiful patterns.

Then you must adjust and re-adjust, come back, until you get it just right.

In the Science Sim, there is very few things to buy, so you have to make your own.

If you want a specific skin, you must make it yourself.

QiQ #1's outfit is made from a HuaHui House photo, again adjusting the texture to make the pattern hit the right places.

Shoes were freebies by Fashion Research Institute, curtesy of Shenlei Winkler.

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