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Thursday, 10 December 2009

HH real cube wall in conceptual model, Kerrypets HuaHui rezzer, new ginger bread house

Took me one day to figure out how to align new panels to the existing rezzer that Kerrypet made for me for the conceptual model of the HuaHui House. Now; I had wanted to replace all the panels with real life cube panels... so I started with one panel. Took me a whole day!!!! to align re-align, i definitely dont enjoy doing this - because I am too impatient. For the same effect; I much prefer to use the existing panels and just change the cubes textures - even if i have to do it one cube at a time, and sometimes 6 sides per cube! This has the advantage of changing each unit and making a composition - its a little like painting. Whereas the other way, its coding and realignment. If i were able to read the co ordinates after I placed it correctly then thats great. But, seems like that i had to test and experiment w the numbers to the panel to fit closer and closer to the precise location. Is this true, isnt there another faster better way? Dont know how i could read backwards from the position - wonder if there is a way.

The difficulty is : in relation to the rezzing object itself ; each panel radiates from the object - like so many satellites. Can we read the position starting from placing the object and reading the position somewhere? pooooooof what a waste of time.

One panel in place, the rest are scripted conceptual model which is nice too. You could play w it as a sign board
if the back ground is all silver, i could imagine somebody coming here and makign a sign, for example "I love you" to his/her gal friend.

In an overall view on Hanako land. Now that i got the rezzer working, just one click i could install it on command for special showings. One chunk of time used to save greater chunks of time later.

Now, I really want to go out and ride my bicycle.

This virtual world is wonderful amusing powerful inventive exciting... but but but, the awful part is you must be looking at a computer... when will they invent a better system ? Or a non-light emitting screen. Its really bad for our health to be sitting down and to be looking into a light emitting object like this.

As i see how the scripting works little by little, I appreciate how smart geeks are they have invented these cute animations, skin; painting, building speaking, all this... now, when will they think about the real person infront of the screen?

I have friends who work in graphic design and computer engineering - they just hate to look at a computer at home. At work already 8 hrs a day... no more no more they say no more.

For something different: a new Ginger bread house

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