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Friday, 11 December 2009

Habitat for Humanity Toronto, aluminum can collection drop off pts

If you are in Toronto
Deposit your aluminum cans here;:

Habitat for Humanity Toronto

Triple M Recycling
80 Sinnot Road (South of Eglinton, 2 blocks East of Warden)
Hours of Operation:
M-F: 07:30 am-4:45 pm
Sat: 07:00 am-11:30 am
Proceed to right side of the building, they will bring you a bin in which to empty the cans. They will then be weighed and you will be given a receipt to take to the front office. Tell them you are collecting cans for Habitat for Humanity Toronto to have your drop off credited to us!

For more information please contact:
Adrienne Finlay at 416 755 7353 ext. 34

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