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Saturday, 28 November 2009

New toy Gatya Gatya machine Hikki Hax

Gatya Gatya machine by Hikki Hax.

We could put our own objects into it and it gives randomly the object upon payment or no payment; limited play per day possible also.

This is an interesting object because it allows you to introduce surprised and ever changing elements. Could also be used as a group pool of fun object dispenser.

I had an Oracle Gumball machine made. And the custom script for random draw is much more precise; you have a truly random dispensing system - for example you wont be getting 5 times the same Oracle in a row. This one is maybe random but maybe not so random, we dont know but its fun and only 1 prim.

The colors and design are so good - has just the right old fashion look. Red and pale blue very beautiful.

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