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Monday, 9 November 2009

bicycle in sl and in rl, rl Louison Bobet bike, sl Five March racer

Velo made by Five March - I like to ride this one day when its ready!

In sl, we have racing bike; bmx, bamboo bike, workers bike, and some very slim rezz and ride and disappears bike.

I bought a bike in rl, a Louison Bobet - not because of the champions name but because it was on sale on ebay and described as "impeccable" - and its true, almost mint condition.

Such a happy day!
RER train is on strike, but somehow I got on one after 15mn wait - when I got to the other end, retreived my bike, the lady said, bikes not allowed on subway. I said, really? She said only on RER no subway, and seeing RER is on strike there will be lots of people, it will be crowded and in anycase its not allowed leave it upstairs. I said I just bought it and this is the straight line home. She looked at me and said, I cant open the door for you, but if you somehow could get yourself through the turnstile, I wont say anything.

So these two fellow passengers, one in a suit, and the other like a computer geek; they hoisted my bike over the turnstile and the door so i got in ! Thats really sweet, who says Parisians are bad and rude? I thanked them! Inside the train; no crowd at all. Everybody got a seat, lots of room.

This girl said to me, have fun riding!

So i got to the end and pushed the bike out, and right there is an agent writing something, copying some info from the wall, he said to me, bikes are not allowed on subways! I smiled at him and he said again, bikes are not allowed! I said, oh; but exceptionally i took it on the subway because the RER is on strike! And he said; oh; in that case, yeah of course. He smiled this very french nice guy smile - could be in a movie, this man.

Now, who says French Parisian are awful?

I got out of the subway, and saw lots of bikes all locked up everywhere - much more than normal days - because its RER strike day! I rode my bike through the woods, and haha; home.

The Louison Bobet is silent it rides smooooooth.
So happy!

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