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Thursday, 5 November 2009

花魁 HuaHui cube, recycling can crushing machines

花魁 HuaHui cube

Since a lot of people like to see the origin of the beer can - i am starting to make some with the color side out too.

I am amazed by the youtubes I see - for conservation and recycling purpose quite a few people have enjoyed inventing/making electric can crushing machines these are very lovingly designed w copper engraved plates and multiple light switches for crushing ONE can at a time - a unit clad in fine plywood finish very neat and tidy, the size of a small end table. Its a joy for the creator. Even though I didnt see the crushed can outcome, I am sure its well crushed and flattened. Cost 500$us

I will get a disc saw to cut the ends of the can off when the volume becomes high. But for now, i just cut them w kitchen knife and scissors. I prefer to reduce the volume of objects in the house.

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