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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

花魁 HuaHui cube : a sample section for Brussels MIM

花魁 HuaHui cube : a sample section for the presentation at Brussels Museum of Instruments of Music MIM

MIM sent me a message, they will try to hook up internet to see Digital Guqin Museum live. Meanwhile, I am here putting together a sample section - real life size - for the 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music. Hope they get it working. :)

As I am re-arranging the various cubes - its like playing with pixels but each pixel at 11cm3, very interesting. Each step of the way, it opens up a range of new issues.

I also consider if its to be executed at a large scale - how could we best do it with assistants?

For now, this first prototype is like an intricate embroidery work.

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