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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

CHIME programme, 18-22nov 09 Brussels (latest update), Poster for DGM in Urban Cities

Urban city poster at Big Draw

Participation at "Big Draw", London, Royal Academy of Art, Urban City.
A very good talk was given by a world famous graphiste who had a brilliant career - Oscar posters etc. After the talk; Blue Print introduce the Urban City project and worked w general public session. During the exhibition, BluePrint the magazine, has set up many pads of color pages which were published for the back cover by famous graphistes. Very nice exhibition, so simple and rich at the same time. Many children and parents were there to join in getting hands dirty at making a collage poster with materials prepared by the workshop.

Digital Guqin Museum : live demo, Poster Session, samples of HuaHui Cubes for real life building of a Mobile Museum
on Friday, 20 Nov09

16.15 SESSION 7 - Poster presentations:

Natasha Shuen-Git Chow, Nogent-sur-Marne, France
Digital Guqin Museum: Preservation, promotion and development of the guqin through an online immersive virtual world - Secondlife.


Chinese and East Asian Music:
The Future of the Past

14th CHIME Meeting, 18-22 November 2009
Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), Brussels

All events take place in the lecture- & concert-hall of the MIM,
unless otherwise stated


13.30 Registration Desk open
Welcome drinks

15.00 Welcome speeches by:

Anne Cahen, Director Royal Museums of Art and History KMKG, Brussels
Frank Kouwenhoven, Director CHIME Foundation, The Netherlands
Claire Chantrenne, organizer, Musical Instruments Museum

15.15 Special Performance.
Huanxian Shadow Puppet Theatre, East Gansu.

16.00 Keynote lecture
Tan Hwee-San, SOAS, University of London, UK
“Intangible Cultural Heritage with Chinese characteristics”: The Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in China, an examination of Government Policies and Their Implications.
16.40 Excursion to the exhibition 'The Other World - Puppet Theatre in China'
Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), rue Ravenstein 23

18.00 Dinner outdoors (at your own cost)

20.00 Concert: Guqin on different terms
Classical Chinese zither in a new light: new ways of exploring an ancient
instrument, from trios to John Coltrane and beyond...
With Ding Chengyun and Fu Lina (Wuhan), Liu Xing (Shanghai);
Luca Bonvini (Paris), Gong Linna, Lin Chen, Wang Hua (Beijing)

21.45 Evening reception at the MIM restaurant: please bring your instruments!

23.30 End of Reception


SESSION 1, Keynote, and workshop

9.30 Keynote lecture
Alan Thrasher, Music Dept, UBC Vancouver
Sizhu Music in Perspective: Rethinking the Ancient Origins Belief.

10.15 Workshop on Chinese Folk Song Singing
Gong Linna (Beijing)

11.00 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 2 - Tradition lost, tradition gained ?

11.30 Jan Chmelarcik, Sinology Dept, Charles University, Prague
Music of Development: Traditional Music, Folk Ritual and Land Policy in Southwest Shandong .

12.00 Helen Rees, Music Dept, UCLA
The Future of China's Musical Past: Snapshots from Yunnan.

12.30 Robert Zollitsch, Munich, Germany
Young Musicians Trained at Chinese Conservatories -
Their Situation and Perspectives.

13.00 LUNCH

SESSION 2 - Tradition lost, tradition gained ? (continued)

14.00 Anne Laure Cromphout, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Cultural Transmission or Cultural Preservation: The Transformation of Amdo Tibetan Music.
SESSION 3 - Musical instruments in the making

14.30 Gisa Jähnichen, Music Dept, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Chinese versus Lao Temple Drums in Northern Laos.

15.00 Lancini Jen-Hao Cheng, University of Otago, New Zealand
The Development, Preservation, and Reconstruction of Formosan Aboriginal Musical Instruments.

15.30 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 3 - Musical instruments in the making (continued)

16.00 Lin Chen, Music Research Institute, Beijing
The Improvement of Instruments in the Early Period after the Establishment of the People's Republic of China.
16.30 Ding Chengyun & Fu Lina, Wuhan Conservatory of Music
Origins, Reconstruction and Development of the Ancient Se Zither
and its Music.

17.00 Liu Xing, Bandu Café, Shanghai
Composing for Zhongruan (Chinese guitar).

17.30 End of session

18.00 Dinner outdoors (at your own cost)

20.00 Concert: China Blossoms
Traditional playing styles clashes with the new in a programme full of contrasts: Li Guangzu, senior pipa (lute) master is set off against the modern virtuoso-style pipa player Zhao Cong (Beijing), and Chen Qijun's traditional Chaozhou style zheng pieces are pitched against the modern swing of the Beijing zheng trio San Chuan. With film interviews.

22.00 End of concert


SESSION 4A - The classical zither guqin: paths of discovery
Lecture Room II [Please note: This session runs parallel with session 4B]

09.30 Stephen Dydo, New York Qin Society, NY, America
Tang Melodies in Contemporary Performance.

10.00 Jeffrey Roberts, Beijing Center for Chinese Studies
Li Xiangting and Guqin Improvisation: New Direction or Recreation of an Ancient Tradition?

10.30 Marion Mäder, University of Cologne, Germany
Giving in to Modernity, Past and Humor - Traditional Guqin Music Today.

11.00 Cofee & tea break

SESSION 5A - Musical instruments in the making (& more on qin)
Lecture Room II [Please note: This session runs parallel with session 5B]

11.30 Yang Yuanzheng, Department of Music, The University of Hong Kong
Demystifying the Golden Age Craftsmanship of Qin Making.

12.00 Zhou Ming, Music College, Shandong University of Arts, China
The Cuo Qin - a Chinese Folk Musical Instrument.

12.30 Luca Bonvini, Paris, France
Transcription of Western Modal Music for Guqin.

13.00 LUNCH [until 14.30]

09.30 SESSION 4B - Panel, chaired by Hermann Gottschewski
The Role of Music for the Japanese Cultural Policy in the Colonial Period (1895-1945) Lecture Room I
[Please note: this session runs parallel with session 4A]

The panel consists of:

09.30 Naka Mamiko, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Kyoto, Japan
How Japanese Residents in China studied Japanese Traditional Music in the Early 20th Century.

09.45 Chōki Seiji, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Cultural Politics of the Japanese Government during the Great East Asia War.

10.00 Lee Kyungboon, Seoul University, Korea
Europeanized Tradition as Propaganda - Ahn Eaktai's Etenraku in Context of the Japanese Cultural Policy During the Second World War.

10.15 Hermann Gottschewski, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Gagaku and Pan-Asianism.

10.30 Panel discussion on the topics presented

11.00 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 5B - Innovation in Chinese musical narrative
Lecture Room I [Please note: this session runs parallel with session 5A]

11.30 Lam Ching-wah, Hong Kong Baptist University, HK
Musical Innovations in Huangmei Opera Films in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
12.00 Law Ho Chak, The University of Hong Kong
Questioning how kunqu becomes “a heritage to be modernized”— A concise study on the musical accompaniment of Bai Xian-yong’s “youth version” of of the kunqu play Peony Pavilion.

12.30 Zhang Weigang, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China
A Preliminary Study of Mengxi and its Tune.

13.00 LUNCH [until 14.30]

14.30 SESSION 6 - Panel, chaired by Fañch Thoraval
Music, sound and gesture: change and continuity in ritual traditions
The panel consists of:

14.30 François Picard, Musicology Department, University of Sorbonne-Paris IV
Long-time Permanence of Musical Repertoires in Ritual Practice.

15.00 Catherine Capdeville-Zeng, Dept Chine, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), France
Organizational Changes in the Nuo Theatre of Shiyou Village, Jiangxi Province.

15.30 Fañch Thoraval, University of Paris Sorbonne, Paris IV
The Hidden and the Shown: Some Change in the Sound Dimension of the Daoist Liturgy.

16.00 Short Coffee & tea break

16.15 SESSION 7 - Poster presentations:

Miriam Brenner, MA Musicology, University of Amsterdam
From earth-zither to brass gongs: Sulawesi Tenggara’s lost and found.

Arlene Caney, Music Dept, Community College of Philadelphia
Perception of the Uighurs in Chinese Performances.

Natasha Shuen-Git Chow, Nogent-sur-Marne, France
Digital Guqin Museum: Preservation, promotion and development of the guqin through an online immersive virtual world - Secondlife.

Fu Limin, China Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China
Study Report on 'Hebei Shenfang Concert'.

Monia Grauso, University Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
Liu Sola and her New Chinese Jazz Music.

Sanat Kibirova, St Petersburg University of Culture and Arts
Revival & Reconstruction of Musical Instruments of Kazakhstan's Uyghurs.

Frank Kouwenhoven, CHIME Foundation, Leiden, Netherlands
Chinese Temple Festival Dynamics.

Liu Yong, Dept of Musicology, China Conservatory of Music
The Revival of 'Si Bin Fu Qing' (Chinese chime stones).

Marta Piras, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy
Mozart and Beethoven in Mandopop: the hit-single 'Don't wannna grow up' (Bu xiang zhangda) from S.H.E.

17.30 End of poster session / Dinner outdoors (at your own cost)

Evening: FREE
Please note the possibility to go and see:
The Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe in: Legend of the White Snake,
one of their most succesful productions in recent years, in Antwerp, at the Bourla Theatre, Komedieplaats 18. (Both tonight and tomorrow at 20.00 h)

Antwerp is half an hour by train from Brussels.
This concert is not included in the registration fee. You can purchase tickets online via

Another attractive option: Part 3 of composer Guo Wenjing's fine
modern opera trilogy 'Chinese Heroïnes'. At the Théatre National in
Brussels (E. Jacqmainlaan 111-115), at 20.15 h. This is a bold mixture of
traditional opera and avant-garde. Part 3 is the most dynamic and most entertaining installment of the series. It includes various clowns. Highly recommended! You can purchase tickets via


09.30 SESSION 8A - Panel, chaired by David Hughes
Cultural Properties Protection Law: The Impact and Future of Japan's Cultural Policy Lecture Room I
[Please note: this session runs parallel with session 8B]

The panel consists of:

09.30 Shino Arisawa, SOAS, University of London
Living National Treasures: Innovation within tradition.

09.45 Jane Alaszewska, SOAS, University of London
Preservation as a Force for Innovation: A case study of the impact of Cultural Asset designation on Japan's Chichibu Night Festival.

10.00 David W. Hughes, SOAS, University of London
Safeguarding the heart’s home town: Japanese folk song as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

10.15 Matthew Gillan, Dept Art & Music, Internat. Christian University, Tokyo
Regional and national support for Okinawan music.

10.30 Panel discussion on the topics presented

11.00 Cofee & tea break

SESSION 9A - Issues in Chinese musical history
Lecture Room I [Please note: this session runs parallel with session 9B]

11.30 Dallas McCurley, Dept of Theatre, Drama and Dance, Queens College, CUNY, USA
On the Role of Martiality in the History of Xi.

12.00 Marnix Wells, London UK
Recovery of Lost Musics: 'that strain again, it had a dying fall!'

12.30 LUNCH (until 14.00 h)

SESSION 8B - New music in East Asia

09.30 Renaat Beheydt, Royal University Leuven, Belgium
Traditional Roots in Contemporary 'Classical' Music. The Work of Zhang Haofu.

10.00 David Leung, Hong Kong University
Wenren Aesthetics and Hong Kong Contemporary Music.

10.30 Lien Hsien-Sheng, Humanities Res. Center, Nat. Science Council, Taiwan
Sound, Song and Cultural Memory - Examples from Contemporary Taiwanese Music.

11.00 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 9B - New music in East Asia

11.30 Ury Eppstein, East Asian Studies Dept, Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, Israel
Elements from the past in new Japanese music.

12.00 Marie-Hélène Bernard, University Paris-IV La Sorbonne, France
New Music, Old Instruments.

12.30 LUNCH (until 14.00 h)

SESSION 10 - Panel, chaired by Tsao Pen-yeh
Ritual Soundscape in China’s Belief System: Three Field Sketches

The panel consists of:

14.00 Liu Guiteng, Cultural Ministry, Dandong, China
Field sketch I: Drum in the Mongolian Shamanistic Hüderqolu Ritual of the Bargu District.

14.30 Xiao Mei, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
Crowning of a Spirit Medium (Guangxi, China).

15.00 Liu Hong, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
Daoist Ritual Music in Shanghai.

15.30 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 11 - Intangible Cultural Heritage in Vietnam

16.00 Barley Norton, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Revival of Ca Tru Music Culture in Vietnam.

SESSION 12 - Workshop Peking Opera

16.30 Worskhop with members of the National Peking Opera Company, Beijing.

17.30 End of workshop / Dinner outdoors (at your own cost)

Evening: FREE
Please note the possibility to go and see:
The Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe in: Legend of the White Snake
(in Antwerp; see yesterday evening for details)


SESSION 13 - Issues in Chinese music history

10.00 Ulrike Middendorf, Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg
Lament and Praise Songs (yintan qu): Some Notes on an Early Chinese Song Genre .

10.30 Shuyun Crossland-Guo, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
The Quanzhou Nanyin: Historical Connections and Present Manifestations in the Southern Folk Operas.
11.00 Tan Shzr Ee, Royal Holloway University, London, UK
The Rise and Fall of 'Red' Accordions and Harmonicas in Singapore.

11.30 Coffee & tea break

SESSION 14 - The Future

12.00 Interview with Li Liuyi, stage director of Guo Wenjing's contemporary
Chinese opera trilogy 'Chinese Heroines'

12.15 Closing panel: Cultural Intangible Heritage and the Future
Open discussion with a.o. Tan Hwee-San, Barley Norton and guests

13.00 Lunch (at your own cost)

14.00 Open Stage (Concert Hall Musical Instruments Museum)
Bring your instruments and play Asian music!
This concert will be open to the public

16.00 End of programme

If you plan to stay on in Brussels, and would like to hear still more
adventurous music: on Sunday evening, at Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix,
20.15 h, singer Liu Sola will perform with four Chinese drummers,
plus Yang Jing and Cheng Yuyu (pipas) and Wu Na (guqin).
You can purchase tickets via tel. (+32)-(0)2-641.1020.

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