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Friday, 6 November 2009

Falls Noel, graffitti wall w twiddla 5 cubes, Contagious Republic, Duff beer from Texas

Falls Noel visiting the HuaHui Mobile Music, she says, very beautiful.

Graffitti wall out again this time with new color cubes in real life; preparation for the installation for Brussels Real Life presentation.

Few new pics to show you examples of the virtual model tested by other avatars - this is to be applied in real life. All the work in the Virtual World is intended for an application in real life in parallel. Not restricted to Virtual World; Though a lot of things that could be realised in the Virtual World is very difficult in real life.

So we go step by step, right now we could make the HuaHui Mobile Music House as landmark; and we could physically travel with the museum; but we will not have the ideal situation, perfect silence perfect behavior weather etc as in the Virtual World.

We focus on the real world by looking at the blueprint/3D walk in model which is in the Virtual World.

After playing w the Graffitti wall a bit - Contagious Republic hopes that he likes the color cubes and he hopes that I will get a Duff cube - favorite beer of Homer Simpson. Everything leads to more fun. Homer Simpsons Beer here a Youtube!

Does anybody drink Duff, is this a real brand?

After checking, Duff is a fictional beer; but a Texas company does sell them.
I asked them if they would gift three empty Duff beer cans - so we might have a Duff cube!

Here is the short letter I sent to Duff Beer Distribution.

A friend hopes that I will get a Duff cube which means: three Duff beer cans (emptied)to complete the HuaHui Mobile Music Museum to be realised in real life, he says because that's Homers beer. Would you like to gift 3 empty Duff beer cans to the Digital Guqin Mobile Music Museum? For details please send me an email. Or check out our Project site here:, Digital Guqin Museum has won Best Paper award in the slactions09 International Virtual World Research Project and will be published in Virtual World Research Journal. Read about it in the blog.
All beer cans welcome!! Thank you in advanced. Best wishes Swann

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