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Friday, 27 November 2009

Hundun dark plum lacquer and short qin table, Hundun half shiny, Locking your bike

Hundun half shiny plum lacquer

Following the comments of different preference of qin table height, I made one for this dark plum lacquer Hundun, a short table for "half lotus" position as some qin players prefers - as Stephen Walker explained to me.

Swann looks not bad sitting here like this, quite comfy in fact. No need to redo the animation. :)

Locking your bike
you get an A if you used 3 locks!
locks are just to buy time - thiefs will steal a less-locked bike. :(

one lock for front wheel to frame
one lock for back wheel to frame
one lock for seat to frame
you get an "A" for locking your bike!

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