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Saturday, 21 February 2009

YSL collection for sale at Grand Palais, Shigeru Ban cardboard teahouse

Shigeru Bans cardboard teahouse

Pierre Berge sells his collection built w the late YSL, among the objects are two bronze heads - a rabbit and a mouse - astrologic signs from Yuan Ming Yuan, stolen during the Opium war and China asks for it back.

So Berge says, he will give them to China, if China agrees to stop Human rights mistreatment, Tibetan issues etc. The two sculptures are estimated at 3 to 4 million euros each.

This is a very interesting issue I think, vis a vis Berge, these two heads would make China bend to his specification of what "Human Rights" comprised of? What else would Berge give up to gain the Human rights issues? Just two heads that originally belonged to the owners to begin with?

We have one business man, rich one, two bronze decoratif items - out of 12 originally made - on the fountain of one imperial garden that was robbed during the war, and a whole countries internal policies. This is the equation, can these items be equated in some ways? Does it make sense?

And the obelisk at the Place de Concorde - would France give it back to Eygpt? Or maybe its good that we all know its a great Eypgtian creation and is displayed here as a landmark in Paris? How do you view this?

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