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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

real life reporters in sl, young girls in Paris subway

More Secondlife to real life reports, what is the future of sl?

Young Girls in the subway
I was on the line no1, leaving the Champs Elysee station and a group of tiny girls ran into the subway car. They were tiny, physically the size of 13 year olds, but I couldnt figure out if these were grown up small sized person, or young girls dressed to look older? I just thought, maybe they were of a small size race? Just like there are Giants in Paris. Very tall black people, and they are very elegant. These girls were speaking Italian, and the expression on their faces were not young girls, but rather tense and gaunt. However, if you look at their faces, they are young girls - not adults only the expression is adult. There was also a very strong body musk smell coming from the group. But they were dressed in jeans and normal mod clothes.

After one or two stops the whole group got off and a message came through the announcement: its says, be careful of pickpockets, keep close watch of your bags, there are pickpockets in the form of young girls.

So, I guess those were professional pickpockets. A new group, there were no such groups before. Ten years ago, there were groups of young men, they just encircle tourists, rob and leave. Nobody could do anything about that. But this type of bandit work is gone. Now, its little young girls... hahahahah.

Becarefulllll of young girls. :)

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