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Friday, 27 February 2009


Dubai Art related events

I heard of a friend who did a sculpture in Dubai, what was his experience? He had many assistants, all of them zero experience, it would have taken him longer to teach these people to do the tasks than to do them himself. On top of this, the assistants were skinny people who are not interested in working at all! The only one who is physically too frail to do physical work, also unskilled, was an intelligent old man, who could help him figure out and set up mathematic geometric trace lines. That was his experience. But then, I am always curious about places I have never been to. I want to go to Dubai to have a look, if there is a small place that needs, say an ornate geometrically floral patterned DGM, sculpted in white marble, wouldnt that be nice?

I have made a stop over once a couple of years ago, reminds me of Shanghai, building building building, and it took 4 hours (this included traffic jams, and bus scheduled stops etc) to take a city bus from point A to point B, the same trip in a taxi took 20mn.

It has one of the most beautiful underpass bridges that I have seen, all vegetal formed, ornate and pretty.

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