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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Mixed reality events, Dusan Writer, MahJong Game

Barbie Doll Automatic mahjong table for a co-ordinated, stylish apartment

Mahjong Addict travelling automatic table!

Automatic mahhong table. I saw them everywhere at little clubs, not as nice as this one. This looks like a Barbie Doll mahjong table! But they were all automatic at clubs, even at little proletariat quarters. Very nice. Is it a good idea? Yes, for public play, definitely yes. But for home use? hmmm, i prefer both. Hahahahha.
I like to have a nice delicate game table, but its also nice to have this fat Barbie Doll table. Two different esthetics, not only in the look but the whole procedure. Why not get both? :)

Does a real MahJong game exist in secondlife? Like a real Go game, or a real chess game? I have a computer solitaire type of Mahjong game - but I want a real MahJong game... does it exists in Secondlife? If you could get people together to play MahJong for real it might be very attractive... :) Automatic Mahjong tables in real life is everywhere, it is very easy to make in Secondlife, but the mathematic possibilities etc maybe very difficult?

Apparently, there are real online mahjong tournaments with real cash prizes! well, what about mahjong in secondlife as a social game? Then you could see the other players ? Is it useful? Do mahjong friends in real life also may do other general friend things with them? :)

Somebody told me, more than one - that man and woman are never friends, there is always some kind of romantic interest - that this is an important ingrediant in any man/woman relationship? Well, I think the interesting, unconditional friendships always has some coloration of romance in it, man woman or whatever, you can never tell who is who... its true.

Primer on Organizing a Mixed Reality Event
Advice from Dusan Writers blog

Web Worker Daily recently published a nice summary of the key elements needed to set up a virtual world event intended to happen simultaneously with a real world event. Aliza Sherman, the author, is familiar only with Second Life, where she has held two events.

There are eight key points that Sherman recognizes:
1 - Get Virtual Help: Sherman suggests help from talent in both the real and virtual worlds
2 - Know the Lay of the Land: In other words, co-own an island in Second Life. This helps immensely when clients come to you lacking their own SL land.
3 - Think 3-D and Interactive: Offer 3D notecards (in addition to the standard billboards) that avatars can pick up and stick in their pocket. Er, inventory.
4 - Think Promo Items (Freebies): Give away things like virtual t-shirts, or, if the promo is for a food company, virtual food that the avatar can eat. Yay freebies!
5 - Show the Virtual Event in the Actual Conference Location: Self-explanatory, really. Set up a few laptops and if possible project onto a large screen.
6 - Stay on Message Virtually: As in the RW, staying on message applies virtually as well. Hosts can keep avatars from being distracted by the novelty of Second Life or other virtual worlds by communicating key messages.
7 - Hire Security: “It is so easy to build and create objects in Second Life, and it is just as easy for a troublemaker - or “griefer” - to do the same at your event,” writes Sherman. Security can eject griefers quickly and effectively.
8 - Spread the Virtual Word: Playing on the advent of SL bloggers, an event can attract decent word-of-mouth through SLers writing about it in-world.

Finally: “Don’t skimp on your Second Life event or treat it as an afterthought. Virtual world events are valuable to, and attended by, people from all over the world. You can expand your reach quickly and exponentially when you hold a virtual world event.”

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