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Friday, 20 February 2009

Guqin conference in Taiwan April 24-25

Swannjiejie watching YouTube tv

Professor Yang Qing and child player at Beijing 2003
Mao Huisheng playing for us at home

Digital Guqin Museum confirms the invitation by Taiwan, and is preparing for a presentation for Guqin master players and scholars in real life on April 24-25 !!

We will see how real life people Guqin Masters react to secondlife guqin people. :)

Ideally, if they have a double life thats best - but most people dont have that much time - so we will be experiencing a passage from one side crossing over to the other side.

Time to get concert clothes together, first design of Guqin concert outfit coming.
one Suiseiki ready, maybe incense burner, outdoor willow tree, rocks, little boy avatar... the "shu tong" - the boy who brings you books and tea. Technical set ups, microphone, headphones for a mixed-reality mini concert. Furniture, vehicle, media displays of youtube... drinks, shoes, hair, lounge items, mannequins to display possible outfits for men and women...

and maybe make a Half HunDun guqin. One thing after the other.

1 comment:

slhamlet said...

Where will the show take place? Do you have a link?