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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

photo of the everyday, Jane Bowles

I was reading the New York Times, stories that I havent read for so long.
Took a photo of what I see in front of me.
Would you be able to weave a story based on what you see infront of you? I like to read things and situations, not so much words now. Maybe I will change later.

Read "Two Serious Ladies". I had always wanted to read Jane Bowles. Very strange story lines. We dont know what is happening to these two women. How does a sweet soft, almost timid little woman decide to take on a common though pretty prostitute as long term live in companion? And all these strange figures they behave with realism to their character but how did they get into these situations? As the story unfolds, there seem to be a wacky hidden twist that makes us accept what is being told even though its a time warp type of story telling.

Then I googled her photos - she looked like a crazy high strung woman, not at all attractive. Who knows, photos are often not at all representative of the real person and context are all selective, so, we will never know for sure.

How does real life compare with stories told? as compared to a kind of Secondlife?

I dont have a strong wish to see Secondlife people in real life, it is probabaly not a good idea afterall. :)

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