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Monday, 23 February 2009

Creative cooking

Swannjiejie made a special dish today. Its his inventive sparerib with peanut sauce, tomato, onions and Korean hot sauce - just a tiny tiny spoon of it as its fire in your mouth! We discussed what goes well w this sauce. Rice, vermicelli? Spaghetti? He thinks its rice. I think rice noodles, like a Satay pho soup. This should be a big hit, what shall we call this new dish?

How about Spareribs and coconut curry sauce? Is there a name for this type of food, a mushy texture that you pour on top of a basic staple food. Hmmm, i think this would be wonderful on top of steamed manioc. Yes. This would make it a super dish not just a topping on rice.

Manioc a la spareribs a gogo?
Sparerib ratatouille au manioc?
Sparerib bobo in a tortilla?

I must start naming all these delicious food that Swannjiejie whips up.
We had the Color-your-World dry fried noodles a year ago.

Usually we eat in cycles, this is cycle number? I will count up all the special food in the next entry.

I want to invent some Mahjong food - what else could you have aside from fresh fruit plates? Lots of finger food is good. You eat less, its more fun. And tapas, like tiny fried squids, stuffed hot pepper... and a nice shot of whisky, good saki, or rum and okra bits. For coffee, I especially like tiny round balls of donuts.

Ice cream, green tea with black sesame - no banana too much food.
Green tea and passionfruit w mango - wonderful
durian - all by itself with good quality sweet fresh water
taro and mango puree ice cream - exquisite

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