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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Guqin concert/yaji/playing outfit: 2009 Indigo: QiQ couture/ QiQ Litt

The following outfit was a first outfit launch by the fashion design label:  QiQ Couture in sl.
"QiQ Couture" is a brand created by Swann Jie.

The outfit is call "Indigo Phoenix for Guqin Performer", or "QiQ Litt".
Its an outfit for the literati.

Often, I have seen in real life, many yaji (elegant-gatherings) for guqin performances.  What to wear?   For traditional Chinese music performances, there are very sober/colorful long Hanfu (Han dynasty revival attire) or baring shoulders w cleavage with sheer veils similar to Opera singers at a recital or piano recital.  Sometimes even strapless backless stomach cover type halter tops - and for young girls, its bubbly and sexy.  

These are all fine, but what about something different?  
Using local handmade cloth, indigo cotton (tu bu), I made a snug little jacket and slim waist close fitting top.  On top is a fishnet mesh.

The avatar Swannjie is wearing a head piece - gauze light blue baseball cap with a sweet rose color button, and see through lining - inspired by the Hanful gauze caps some scholars wear - but here it is contemporary, fun, baseball cut.  Functional, this gauze semi-shields sunlight and brings a focus to the eyes.  A billowing, flowing skirt is optional, depending on the occasion, with matching close cut cigarette pants.  

The whole points to a nostalgic, vintage, and ethnic chic - flower child with phoenix indigo prints.  Fun outfit, to be worn with or without long skirt, the jacket could be longer or shorter, with or without waist flair, the exact cut to be flattering the the figure depends on the silhouette of the wearer.

This would be custom fit wear, not off the shelf.  Or, off the shelf with customised details.

For those who prefers the quickie off the shelf line, there will be a line of Indigo kungfu chic - with short jackets and pocket, and matching loose kung fu pants.  And eventually customised kungfu geta - a la Samurai Jack. 

Making of:
The creation of an outfit in the virtual world involves imagination of interpretation in real life fashion context and the scenario as well.  Somewhat like fitting a character for a movie.
The technical skills involves photoshop, texture creation and shape forming, prim creation.
Esthetically, hair, makeup, accessories : shoes and jewelleries are all part of the final creation.  A ready to go outfit for a special occasion.

Here, the performer of a yaji - elegant gathering, in this outfit, the avatar shows formal respect for the occasion, to the audience.  It also shows her own ideology towards the guqin instrument.  It is not Western ceremonial robes, nor Hanfu revival, it is modern/contemporary, in the here and now - maybe a revival of vintage 50's to the period of happy and sunny days where everything goes towards brightness, a vast expanse of rich, plenitude in a neat and tidy, lady like self.

Guqin concert/yaji/playing outfit: 2009 Indigo Yaji Outfit by QiQ couture 

Closeup of light blue Gauze hat, top, antique look pearl neckline 

with Plum Geta

Close up of Plum Geta 

QiQ couture in Kowloon sim 

"QiQ Litt", 2009 

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