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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Boyhood ****, Whiplash****, Foxcatcher****

Boyhood ****

Its amazing to see the boy grow  into a young man.  Very interesting concept, the whole film has a truthful feeling to it.  It feels young and vibrant, even though the ambiance is often slow and water flowing like.
 The teacher is perversed.  The student are twisted into his ego centric web.  The teacher is often unfair.  But lets say such a personality jolts the unsure of himself out of their place.  And probably saves them time too in a high stress line of work which depends entirely on your own self confidence.

Reminds me, if you are too rich, you will live a lonely life.  
The rich man is unlucky in that he was born into too much money and that he is not smart enough to put it to good use.

The poor guy, the fighter, needs a father figure.  The rich man pays everybody off to win, to be father, to make documentary, to be coach, to force his way around everyone else.

The fighters brother is a coach, hes the real father figure - this father figure had to fight from when he was young to bring up his brother fighter.  

Doesnt matter who is recorded on a little documentary film, if you are you will have things to show, if you arent, one little documentary doesnt last.

So, the end point is... are you luckier when you start out poor or when you start out rich?

If you start out poor, there are many others who started out poor, so people all undertand tht.  Your choices are limited, then you have basic things to take care about, that will take enough work to form you into a person.  After you formed yourself, if you did it honestly, the rest follows. 

Duras once said, its luck that you get to start from a poor place.

Is it true?  I think its more like, the character you are born with, does it match with a rich persons material freedom?  Or if you are born poor, does it match with a proper hard working character?  Its random matching in the game of "being born".  Like a hand of poker.  Get your hand, play it best according to your inborn characteristics.

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