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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cube cabin
The Sol Duc is a 350 square foot low maintenance cabin located in Washington state on the Olympia Peninsula. The fishing retreat is filled with innovative designs and materials to make its impact on the surrounding environment as small as possible. It was so successful in this regard that the small cabin was recently recognized as a recipient of the American Institute of Architects 2014 Housing Award. Many elements of the house were constructed off-site before being assembled on location to reduce the impact on the environment. Salvaged materials were used wherever possible,  including on the lofted bedroom’s floor. To protect it from flooding from a nearby river, the cabin is built on four steel stilts. And when the owner and his wife return to their regular home, the cabin can be shuttered up like a barn to protect it from the elements and any curious creatures from the surrounding woods. For more information on this environmentally friendly tiny cabin, visit Principal Designer Tom Kundig’s site Olson Kundig Architects.
small cabin
green cabin
environmentally friendly
salvaged materials
olympia peninsula
washington state cabin
fly fishing retreat
cabin built on stilts
shuttered windows

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