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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Angouleme 2015, BD festival

2015 BD festival / comic strip picture books / graphic novel   

and Couchsurfing with Philippe and Nat

(photos coming...)

Things seen:

0// Press office of Angouleme Festival 2015

1// Pavilion Little Asia : HK, Taiwan
Hong Kong has put together a beautiful display of giant size albums to show the work of each artist, video documentary of the Green House in Wanchai - a new Anime space. 


2// China Pavilion : China
Anime, comics are a huge new industry.  Guangzhou is the guest of honour this year featuring, history of comics, sequential picture books, up to current parallel toys, merchandise. 

3// Bulle Nouveau Monde (New World)
American graphic novels 

Nice books, all high level of artistry!  Cant buy them all.

4// Bulle
Large and small editors, competition, games, signing of freshly published albums, 3d comic books , children sitting, reading furnitures.


5// Museum of BD - Japanese comic artist tribute, a literary, humanist approach, installation of scenes in the comic books, and huge black and white panels.

6//Charlie Hebdo exhibition
A retrospective of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, from KaraKiri period up to the 7-9Jan2015 massacre event.  A memory of courageous comic artists.

Works created by other artists in support of free speech and fearless of terrorist menaces



7// Books, bibliography
Many books, bookshop, luxury albums, different collections 

8// Comic inspired furniture
colorful, plastic moulded sofa, each person sitting in the scenario becomes part of the cartoon world

9// Installation of Comic book exhibition
Moomnin, giant size characters, entry waiting point, lots of small children running around

crayon chalk drawing boards with half finished characters so children could complete them at will, or totally disregards them 

Street Art Fresco
I noticed a lot of comic characters and trompe l'oeil for street art wall paintings.  Unlike a lot of the urban street art where its mainly tagging and graffiti, here, we have real illustrations, mosaics, wall paintings are pleasantly executed and fine art / graphic arts styled.
In a street scape, tagging, rough drawings have been a sign of "street art" but a lot of them are rather rough.  Very noisy.  Here, we have a very nice unfolding of street art all the illustrations are finely executed, intelligent drawings.  This is the street art thats worthy of its name.

Most of the urban scribbles are interesting in other cities but too "nosisy" and visually cluttering.  As for inventivity, not so many of the scenes of urbanism is so interesting.  

We should make things more pleasant not exhibit more unpleasantness.  

Some samples of street art, fresco in Angouleme:

woo hoo 25 years


11// Tea : very very pretty tea boxes 
Russian, Red QiMen, Green Gunpowder Mint, Almond and Pistachio 

12// Cognac : Very old Cognac, Pinot noir et blanc; moonshine 

13// dogs : Sharpie, Mastiff 
small sharpie dog
big mastiff dog - big dog has v sad eyes, but next day his eyes are much better with visitors coming and going.

14// 24hr wine marinated dish -

15// natural river for swimming, beautiful country side, waterfall, rooms w showers, giant size clock w large numbers. Colorful sofas 

16// bd artist, co-voiturage - worked on 24comic book, wine bottle label, and shaving 365 day hair project.

"November" - a Canadian hair project, beard-hair that is.  It has become a la mode, a fad to have beards now.

17// dreglock hair, and music 
How to comb dreglock hair?  You dont.  Just wash and fluff up.  Beautiful playful hair!

18// 25 year old self made entrepreneur, with family from La Reunion.  Punch, mango, roofing, welding, v handsome young man.

19// shoe designer - all kinds of shoes for all labels; 2nd captain of a navy shop - very young gd looking guys + girls

20// Philippe and Nat, two wonderful adorable super cool hosts

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