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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dark Selfie : Anja Niemi

Where art and the selfie collide - Norwegian artist Anja Niemi, who insists on working alone, explains her sometimes disturbing self-portraits.

The Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi’s latest series was inspired by an unusual find: an abandoned suitcase from 1959, filled with the remnants of a woman named Darlene’s failed career as a beauty-sales representative. It contained untouched makeup samples and just two receipts — both items sold to Darlene herself. Niemi was thus moved to create “Darlene & Me,” the theatrical story of a woman’s internal conflict. In the images, a pretty and perfectly coiffed Darlene and her other self (both played by Niemi) frolic and fight against an isolated California desert backdrop. The subtle dance illustrated by the two characters suggests a delicate balance of love and hate, pride and prejudice.
Anja Niemi’s “Darlene & Me” is on view at the Little Black Gallery in London through March 10,

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