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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Frank Gehry Praises Potential of Virtual Reality

Legendary Architect Frank Gehry Praises Potential of Virtual Reality as a Visualization/Design Tool



VR Oculus Rift architecture Frank Gehry
Just noticed that architect Jon Brouchoud has a 2014 review of using Oculus Rift as an architectural tool, and my favorite highlight is when he demonstrated VR to one of the world's greatest living architects:
One of this year’s major highlights for me personally, was having the opportunity to meet and show Frank Gehry the Oculus Rift. His company, Gehry Partners has already been doing a lot of high tech visualization and BIM innovation before this, so it wasn’t necessarily anything new to him, but he immediately recognized the potential for architectural visualization and design in VR.
Jon, by the way, is known as Keystone Bouchard in Second Life, and pioneered SL as a a visualization/design tool back in the day, with his chief innovation being a kind of 3D wiki -- watch:




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