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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Media : Machinima by Nicole X: Transcending Borders

New Media :  Machinima by Nicole X: Transcending Borders

I dont really have time to watch Machinimas - but I appreciate the potential and magic of making an animation film from existing game engines, and softwares.  A nifty use of moving images of pre-made graphics.

Here, I was sent an email concerning censorship of religious images.

I have no specific religion, and am just very slightly religious in that I believe there are spiritual beings in our world in everything.  In living things, plants, animals and humans.  Thats about all.
I have visited great many temples, churches, cathedrals.  To me, they are works of architectural art, or mural art, or painting art, moscaic art, urbanism art.

But seems that to a lot of other people, its much more than that.

Nicole X's film has been censored by an exhibition committee, surely for some very strong reason of one side or the other.  It means the creator has her reasons as strongly as the censorers reason.

In anycase, I watched it out of curiosity, I like it.
Its gots a lot of variety of images, movements, graphic details, eye candies of a sort.

So I put it up here for our reader to decide, does this work of art deserve to be censored?
The organiser has full right to censor, I think.  Because in submitting a work, you are joining his party/territory - but that doesnt mean the work is not deserving of praise of artistic merits.


Olga Malova said...

This movie had me in tears at points, brainwashing and release, using music and visuals to pull my emotions about and my heart into chaos. Thank you nicoleX!

Olga Malova said...
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