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Friday, 28 November 2014

Interstellar **half

Interstellar **half

dir. C.Nolan

 Many loop holes here that makes the movie not v moving at all.  Hero, saving humanity, with only 3 people?  The basis of the film is not well plotted.  And the super driver of a spaceship on a dusty farm, hmm, in any job today, if you are out of the office for 6 months, you cannot catch up - someone else is better or should be at least as gd as you would have taken your place immediately.

There are many problems w this film, some dramatic scenarios but these are insufficient to make up for the quality of the film.  

Near the end, the daughter has been brought back to life from cryanologic preservation - all her grand children are there - wouldnt they be very awed and express some emotion to see this v youthful grandfather, savior of humanity to be in the room w them?  One second sweep is all we get.

The movie is 3hrs long - and lots of pseudo space time talk that sounds even silly to me.  In all historical fact/fables, say, Noah's arc or Ming Dynasty sea adventurers to conquer the next inhabitable world, usually there are huge fleets of ships, water, people food, from all animals, male+female, to 2yrs worth of life sustaining supplies - here they are leaving for outer space, with only 2 poeple?  And these 2 are top tier scientists?  Doesnt make sense.  Mystical coding - "stay" - such strange coding.  Why not make it at least one sentence? 

Anyway,  its too long, too wordy, too illogical and too heroic on a superficial level to make this anything moving.




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