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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Futuro Original Moulds available at 150,000usd; Googie (small size oval hut) by Attila Vrana

Original Finnish Futuro House moulds now available!
Price 150,000 USD ex works in Finland.
Please leave an offer.
Please contact Mr. Jyrki Aho,
New Futuro houses manufactured with the original Finnish moulds available.

Delivery time to be negotiated upon orders.
Price starting from 200,000 USD ex works.
Please contact Mr. Jyrki Aho, e-mail:

Futuro House Original Finnish Moulds
Body section Futuro House Original Finnish Moulds
Center table Futuro House Original Finnish Moulds
Stairs For more information and high res versions of the photos of the moulds
see the Concept, Design, Manufacturing & Marketing

Page DISCLAIMER: The is neither the owner nor the seller of these moulds or of Futuro Houses manufactured using these moulds and makes no representations to that effect.

While there are clear photographs which give an idea of the condition of the moulds we are talking a significant amount of money here so, if you are interested, contact Jyrki
and do your own due diligence in terms of authenticity, completeness and condition. -

See more at:

What About The Door?

The doorway installed in a Futuro is often described as resembling the hatch/door to an aircraft and that is quite an accurate analogy. While many larger aircraft have a door and separate steps others have a design exactly like the Futuro where the door and steps are integrated and hinged at the bottom; take a look at the two photos on the left - first the Futuro [in this case one of lwsdm's excellent set of photos of Futuro 001 in Espoo] and to the left of that a photo from The Gadsden Times illustrating this type of aircraft doorway; the similarity is evident. Contrast these with the photo on the right of the Waterfall Bay "Googie" [photo © Australian Antarctic Division, Commonwealth of Australia] which shows a more conventional door and completely separate steps [which are not even a part of the "Googie" let alone "modified"]. The difference is clear and again in my mind far too significant to be the result of a "modification" and much more likely to be simply because they are from two different designs.

Aircraft Hatch   Futuro, Espoo   Googie Waterfall Bay 

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