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Monday, 17 November 2014

new media : 2008 Flying Soul Scribe - Bertrand Dezoteux

new media : 2008 Flying Soul Scribe - Bertrand Dezoteux

Avatar Parade in Grand Palais 2008 
2007 - 2009

Dans la nuit, des images, au Grand Palais, Paris. Commissaire : Alain Fleisher. 
Mixed Reality with FlyingSoul Scribes - real life artist Bertrand Dezoteux -  Studio installation at Grand Palais, 18dec - 30dec08
In the installation, there was the real live broadcast studio, and pre-studio waiting space which is a tunnel of light.  And pre-tunnel of light, the avatar-participant stays logged on in sl to wait for the slurl (destination of the tunnel of light).

In real life, the artist is in physical space at Grand Palais with his computers and internet links.  The secondlife studio is projected onto a screen in Grand Palais, catch as catch can style.  A whole slew of avatars are displayed on screen.

I think this is such a wonderful project as it allows everyone to participate.  Just putting the avatar together takes a lot of time.  And all the waiting online, online to get into the pre-live space, and the live space.  It all takes a lot of time and creativity and thoughts.

Here I have IMed two friends, one from japan and another from Portugal.  They came and sat on the shooting session.

I had Swannjie playing the guqin for the shooting.
Entry from the original blog:
I received an slurl from FlyingSoul, so I played around in his studio for a few hours! Yes, a few hours!! Since there was nobody there. Very good, I find this installation is high quality and such a fine set up. The studio is planned so avatars could land, play around in a light tube first; then go into the waiting area - on sofa and globe chairs - then sit on pose ball - exported into the stage - people could wait in a line, not to leave an empty stage. I was number 147 on the counter.



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