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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Movie: Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg 2014 ***half

Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg 2014 ***half

Very cruel and sickly, modern movie town world, Hollywood world of twisted mental energies.
After watching this, we are all the more happy at home doing our everyday things.

I watched this at home, and could read a book at the same time, making waffles - watching over the waffle iron.
Does that mean this is not a good movie, no.

It just has so much neurotic gutsy illness thats common place today.  Like watching some pretty person with dirty stomach getting pumped.

You are just impatient and want to see - whats next?  Anything interesting to see next?

And on Cronenberg from the Globe and Mail:

If there’s an edge of savagery in Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg ascribes that to his writer, not his own well-known fascination in the dark side.
“The anger, I think, is Bruce’s. I’m Canadian. We’re a peace-loving people – usually. For me, making a movie is a matter of curiosity. It’s curiosity about the ultimate subject of art, which is the human condition, which is like a diamond with many facets.
Bruce’s script gave me another facet, which I could never have been able to access it on my own, but I totally understand it.”  - Cronenberg

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