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Friday, 28 November 2014

Francoise Dolto: Is it useful? Recommended reading, a Handbook for Children with Difficult Parents

Psychoanalysis and Paediatrics: Key Psychoanalytic Concepts with Sixteen Clinical Observations of Children -

Francoise Dolto, very interesting book.

This book is Françoise Dolto’s 1939 medical thesis and is dedicated to medical practitioners, paediatricians, and parents without prior knowledge of psychoanalysis. Françoise Dolto’s aim was to sensitize people to the unconscious dimensions of many problems in children. She demonstrates here, through sixteen case studies, how often children’s difficulties at school and at home – be they behavioral or due to impaired learning abilities – are the expression of psychological issues linked with their developing sexuality and castration anxiety, and result in physical symptoms such as enuresis and encopresis.

Dolto points out that the awareness of the self and self-responsibility often develops for young people in families in which the parents do not know how to listen or even more importantly cannot be listened to with trust. There is also a summary of Freud’s theories of the different stages of the evolution of the drives, as well as the central developmental role played by the castration complex, castration anxiety, and the Oedipus Complex.

Sample of Doltos work

Theory and Practice in Child Psychoanalysis: An Introduction to the Work of Francoise Dolto 

 edited by Guy Hall, Francoise Hivernel, Siân Morgan

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