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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Yayoi Kusama documentary ***, Basquiat***, Suzan Pitt***half, Hula Girls***half

Yayoi Kusama documentary ***,
Very interesting to see her walking around, answering interviews, directing assistants, speaking to international critics. You see someone slightly in their own world, but still functions very well in everyday situations. She murmurs that she is a genius, and that she is the greatest, the bestest, the most extraordinary better than anyone anyone alive. And she also adds that as an artist, if you didnt think you were the best, you would have given up along the way.

Very well made, this Julian Schnabel film with David Bowie playing Andy Warhol and Basquiat is such a handsome man in real life and in this film, everybody else acts and speaks, surrounds themselves in the realistic decors. Unlike art films made by "non artists", this film has a good pace and shows more or less truthfully what actually happens in the market place when a new artist comes into the arena. Glossified but the basic reference points are accurate, so I think its a great film. A collectable.

Suzan Pitt***half,
Surrealistic animation, very sexy, erotic, somber, everything all mixed. El Doctor is a very funny film based on tabloid newspaper stories. Very original and I see her style has been borrowed by certain younger artists. Especially the very rich lush flower motifs and dark midnight backgrounds.

Hula Girls***half
tones are brown, sun burnt, and retro colored, because the film is an old film but what a story. Very good dialogues, everybody speaks from their stand points and the Japanese girls, mother, over size gentle giant girl, tough as nail dance teacher, everybody is wonderful. The dance teacher runs into a male bath house to kick this guys ass, shes fully dressed and she jumps into the pool with all these fat naked men! Very good scenes. Brings tears to my eyes! Even though I already knew what the story is going to be about. :)

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