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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Big Monster Coming to Taiwan***

Big Monster Coming to Taiwan 大怪獸台湾上陸 ***

Documentary by Tang ChengWei 唐澄暐, a young film maker from Taiwan.
Very charming film. It shows Godzilla, from the first look to the evaluation of what Godzilla means, how he must hide all the books from his mother, the teachers words about himself the Godzilla monster specialist, what shared memories of Godzilla are like, the Japanese history of Godzilla, the Hollywood Godzilla flop - how Godzilla really doesnt look like Gozilla himself but a giant lizard, only the original Godzilla has the spirit of Godzilla... Gozilla Gozilla Gozillarama galore!! and more,... crazy fans of pop monster culture, the loving obsessions with pop icons of monsters.

The opening credit title with walking paper cutouts of Gozilla drawn by a childs hand is so full of love, its impossible to not watch it to the end.

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