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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Irina Palm**half

Irina Palm**half

genre: kinky drama romance family love
grandma goes to do a whanking job to make money for a medical operation for the grandson and son and daughter in law are kept in secret, super grandma falls in love w angel boss. They kiss and live happily ever after in a sunset romance.

The film has an interesting outline, Marianne Faithfull is superb. However, the script is a little rough. We cannot believe, or are not allowed to see why the son is so clunky, hes just totally wishy washy and hard headed. We dont know why he is so hard on his mother, and dont know why his wife is not getting on w the super grandmother. As to the young couple, why are they so useless? poor? A lot of story line is missing. We only have eyes for Marianne Faithfull, but she alone could not save the film. Miki has an interesting face. We also dont know how he fell into this sleazy business. All cardboard characters.

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